How to call activities on workers with different task queue than workflow worker one

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We have a use case as below:
1- One workflow worker registered with task queue A in microservice A
2- One activity worker registered with task queue B in microservice B

The question is when we start workflow on microservice A (which contains a call to activity implemented on microservice B), we expect activity on microservice B get called, but what we see is:
1- Workflow A is remained in pending status (PENDING_ACTIVITY_STATE_SCHEDULED),
2- No task is put on task queue B.

Please note that we can not use same task queue name for all of our workers (microservices), because it leads to a situation in which multiple workers register in a single task queue, but with different set of registered activities, which leads to extra failed attempts when calling activities, due to some workers does not implement all activities, requested by workflow A

Thank you!

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Found it!, need to set task queue on activity option before using in workflow.