How to cancel non deterministic workflow

I have a workflow that is continuously panicking due to a non deterministic change in it. This workflow does not need to be running and was just from some testing but not meant to be an ongoing workflow. I am unsure how to cancel it since I cannot see it in either the temporal web ui or when doing a temporal cli listing of workflows. Is there a best way to approach this?

I saw you have tagged this with “go-sdk”. If you are using the Go SDK, you can invoke TerminateWorkflow on a client to terminate it.

The problem I am having is that I don’t know what workflow to cancel though, i am only seeing the workflow id in my logs after it panics out but at that time I cannot cancel that workflow

Ah actually I was able to resolve it, I had multiple of the workflows failing but after doing tctl workflow listall --workflow_type {workflow_type} i saw the list of the ids and apparently they do not change and I was able to run tctl workflow terminate --workflow_id {workflow_id} on each of them.

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just to add, tctl has a “batch” feature that can help you when you need to do some operations on multiple executions.