How to debug activity some times does not start at all and timeout with NonRetryableFailure?

I’m 100% sure that I have workers can handle this activity idling. How do I find out what error is this exactly? Or is the error simply “activity timeout”? If yes, why is that NonRetryableFailure? Can I make it retryable?

My guess is that it is ScheduleToStart timeout which is not retryable. Do you indeed do not care about this activity just after 1 minute?

No @maxim . I want it to retry if it did not work after 1 minute.
I did not have the timeout before and the activity simply stuck there forever and never get started
I did not expect activity timeout to be a NonRetryableError. Why is that?
I’m removing my timeout right now and try to reproduce the stuck problem.

If you want the activity keep retrying after 1 minute timeout then set:

  • StartToCloseTimeout to 1 minute. This timeout limits a single activity attempt duration.
  • Do not set ScheduleToStart which limits how long activity task can stay in the task queue until picked up.
  • Do not set ScheduleToClose timeouts which limits total time of activity execution including retries.

Thank you @maxim
I will open another thread to show that I got activity task stuck in the queue while having workers idling.