How to delegate a workflow using

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I have a scenario wherein a certain user has to approve a workflow, but the condition is that :

  1. Let us assume there are 2 approvers A and B. If Approver A is on leave then he/she have delegated a new approver C for the workflow.
  2. Is there any process in through which I can delegate it using java sdk.
  3. Also I want to main this log (A delegates to C)

Use signals for notifying workflows about any changes. So you can have a signal that notifies workflow that the approver has changed from A to C.

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Thank you maxim
Is there any way wherein we can delegate a workflow to another user in using java sdk

There is no concept of workflow belonging to a user in Temporal. It is your own business logic. So you can implement it according to your business rules when a signal is received.