How to delete a namespace?

is there a way to delete namespace
in tctl i dont see any thing like tctl namespace --delete
or tctl adm namespace --delete

Besides tctl adm only sees to work for cassendra.

Namespace deletion is not currently supported.

We are working on adding tctl adm support to MySQL in the near future.

I apologize for resurrecting an old thread, but I have a relevant question.

Is namespace deletion something that is planned to be supported? There are two use cases that I can see namespace deletion being useful for:

  1. If I want to create a global namespace, but the name is already taken in a subset of the clusters in the group
  2. If I have an existing namespace that I would like to update to become a global namespace. Perhaps this could be addressed by making it possible to update an existing namespace to be global, but there’s still the issue of 1 with existing namespaces in other clusters.