How to get all completed workflows from a parent-workflow in golang

Hi, I want to have all completed child workflows from a parent workflow. I tried it with this code, but the child workflows are always empty… but there are existing completed child workflows in this parent-workflow.

executionFilter := filter.WorkflowExecutionFilter{
		WorkflowId: parentWorkflowId

	request := workflowservice.ListClosedWorkflowExecutionsRequest{
		Filters: &workflowservice.ListClosedWorkflowExecutionsRequest_ExecutionFilter{ExecutionFilter: &executionFilter},

	closedWorkflows, err := temporalClient.ListClosedWorkflow(context.Background(), &request)

I wouldn’t use List API for this as it is eventually consistent. I would use a Future/Promise returned when a child is started directly.

But I write an API, so within this API I need to get closed child-workflows by an parent-Workflow-ID.
I make a “similar call” with DescribeWorkflowExecution to get all running workflows form a parent-Workflow-ID.

Do you have maybe a hint for me?

You can query the parent which could maintain the list of completed child workflows.

Could you give me a code example for this please?

It would be a mix of splitmerge-selector and query.