How to get poller count, last accessed through api

i use java sdk and i am trying to implement a health check end point,
I want my application help to report green if there are workers to process the workflow .

I am trying to get the worker status using this api

		TaskQueue tq = TaskQueue.newBuilder().setKind(TaskQueueKind.TASK_QUEUE_KIND_UNSPECIFIED).setName(queueName).build();
		DescribeTaskQueueRequest taskQrqst = DescribeTaskQueueRequest.newBuilder()
		DescribeTaskQueueResponse res =  workflowServicesMap.get(namespace).blockingStub().describeTaskQueue(taskQrqst);

But, the response does not include the poller info , like poller count, last access time etc

how to get these info ?

I want my applicatin health very similar to the task-queue page of temporal web-ui

k my bad, the api is correct, when i was trying the workers were down in deed!