How to include data from workflow input into activity logger as child parameters - to be printed in each log

using typescript SDK -
in temporal I wish to add a logger inside activities such that - as child parameter to that logger I should be able to add, any data available in workflow input
so assume my workflow A calls activity B, assume a parameter P was passed as workflow input to A when it was started , I want to print this parameter P in every log in activity B.
my limitation is that - I cannot pass parameter P as arguments to activity B everytime since its too cumborsome and sort of ruins the design of function args.

so overall - when calling activity inside workflow I do not wish to manually pass all logging parameters everytime. consider the worklow start below

                    [{message: "greeting"}], //this can have a lot data , I want to add this message to each log in activity

now consider workflow definition and call to activity below

export async function myWorkflow(wfInput: {message: string} ) {
    } catch (error) {

 function callActivity () {
     const { logger } = getContext();{
            message: "activity started",

export interface ContextWithLogger extends Context {
    logger: Logger;

export function getContext(): ContextWithLogger {
    return Context.current() as ContextWithLogger;

how do i accomplish getting the parameter message inside every log of callActivity by default

Check out this context propagation sample for reference [DRAFT] Add context propagation + custom log attributes sample by mjameswh · Pull Request #334 · temporalio/samples-typescript · GitHub

It doesn’t do exactly this but you can modify it for your use case.