How to increase the speed of an execution in temporal

In my workflow,

I have 12 activities and one wait task. wait task(Workflow.sleep)will sleep for 10 secs.

The first 6 activities are executed sequentially. After that two async calls. In the first call, I’ll be executing 2 activities. In the second call, I’ll be executing 6 activities. And my workflow code is waiting for all my async calls (2 calls) to complete.

All my activities are very simple not even an API call. It just adds, subtracts, and multiplies two numbers. No thread blocking code like Thread.sleep()

I m executing my workflow in an async fashion. If I execute a single workflow then it takes just 11 secs to complete.

But If I call 1000 executions in a loop then it is taking 10 minutes to complete all. it is very huge right

where should I tweak it to speed up my execution?

You need to provision and configure both workers and service to support your load. The docker-compose based version of the service is intended for development only and not for any load testing.