How to schedule multiple cron workflows in temporal?

Considering an array of strings as input, my aim is to schedule cron jobs for each. I have tried creating custom workflow options and executing the same, for each iteration of input. Following this only the first cron workflow gets scheduled while other cron jobs wait indefinitely.

ss_ids := []string{"inputString1","inputString2"}
for ind , sid := range ss_ids {
        var cronScheduleStr string
        if ind == 0 {
            cronScheduleStr = "* * * * *"
        if ind == 1 {
            cronScheduleStr = "2 * * * *"
        workflowID := "cron_" + sid
        workflowOptions := client.StartWorkflowOptions{
            ID:           workflowID,
            TaskQueue:    "cron",
            CronSchedule: cronScheduleStr,

        we, err := c.ExecuteWorkflow(context.Background(), workflowOptions, cron.SampleCronWorkflow,sid)
        if err != nil {
            log.Fatalln("Unable to execute workflow", err)
        log.Println("Started workflow", "WorkflowID", we.GetID(), "RunID", we.GetRunID())

Apart from this I have tried child workflows in the same manner, but that also schedules only the first cron child workflow. Any form of help is much appreciated.

Do you see each created workflow execution in Running Status? If so take a look at each execution first history event that should be
WorkflowExecutionStarted event and its firstWorkflowTaskBackoff property.
firstWorkflowTaskBackoff is calculated based on the time your client requests the start and the cron definition and is the time when execution of your workflow code should start.

Thanks for the help. It indeed helped me debug. On a side note, I wanted to know why is there such kind of delay between start of different workflows and is there a more efficient way to concurrently handle such scheduled workflows.