How to set Retry option dynamically


I have an activity interface that has only one method called run.

public interface RunnableTask {
    void run(MyObj input);

I will be calling this activity method by iterating a loop, each time it will be served to a different input. For each method call, I want to configure different retry configurations?

Is that possible?

Yes, by creating a new activity stub for each configuration.

 RunnableTask runnableTask =

Q1). Like I did above I have to update my runnableTask with newer retry configuration each time before invoking the run method?
Is this recommended?

Q2). If I have multiple activity methods in my activity interface, can I provide different retry configuration for each method?

Q1: Yes, it is recommended if you need per request activity options.

Q2: Yes you can since the last release. Use Workflow.newActivityStub(, options, perActivityMethodOptions).

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