How to store configuration value in Workflow variables?

struct GlobalConfig {
   maxChildWorkflows int64

var globalConfig GlobalConfig
func ConstructGlobalConfig() {
  // Constructs Global config by reading from a config file.
  // globalConfig.maxChildWorkflows = <some-value>

func main() {

func FooWorkflow() {
  maxChildWorkflows := globalConfig.maxChildWorkflows

  for i := 0; i < maxChildWorkflows; i++ {

In the above example, maxChildWorkflows can change across worker crashes if the global configuration changes which can lead to non-determinstic workflow behavior. What options do I have to make sure this read in deterministic? One option that I thought of

  1. Create an activity which performs the read from the GlobalConfig. Another activity just to access a variable from memory seems like an overkill.

Is there a better way to remember variable in a workflow?

Note that this value can’t be a parameter to the workflow because this workflow is run as a cron job and the expectation is to keep the maxChildWorkflows as a configurable value.

You are correct; directly assessing this configuration breaks determinism. Use an activity or a SideEffect to read this value in a safe way.