How to tell when a cron-scheduled workflow failed?

Context: Cron-scheduled workflow that runs every minute.
One workflow had an activity timeout, which caused the workflow calling it to fail.

  "message": "Timeout type: TIMEOUT_TYPE_SCHEDULE_TO_START",
  "source": "",
  "stackTrace": "<snip>
  "cause": null,
  "applicationFailureInfo": {
    "type": "Temporal::TimeoutError",
    "nonRetryable": false,
    "details": {
      "payloads": [
        "Timeout type: TIMEOUT_TYPE_SCHEDULE_TO_START"
  "failureInfo": "applicationFailureInfo"

But when we look at temporal-web summary, the status shows Continuedasnew and there’s no way to tell that any failed unless you click into each one.
I’m asking for advice, or, failing that, consider this a feature request to improve the temporal-web list view to show failures of cron-scheduled workflows.

@Drew_Hoskins thanks for filing! Checking

Thanks. Any thoughts?

@Drew_Hoskins yes, sorry for the delay was a bit occupied

i’ve reproed this with a cron workflow (and also compared with regular workflows).

I’m asking few folks from my team and will get back to you

Discussed and created a feature request Surface Cron workflows Failure status instead of ContinuedAsNew · Issue #1545 · temporalio/temporal · GitHub

Thanks for filing Drew!