How to upgrade to a global namespace

Hi i am looking for setting up temporal XDC for dr purpose.
I already have temporal running in production.

When we set it up intially , i created my namespace as a local namespace and clusterMetadata.enableGlobalNamespace was set to false in the config templates.

Now i want to upgrade this to a global namespace and setup XDC.

Is there a way to upgrade my existing namespace to global namespace?

Or will i have to terminate all my running workflows and cre create them in a new global namespace?

Would be awsome if there is a migration./upgrade path available.

currently there is no built-in way to simply promote / demote a namespace
most functionalities supporting promote / demote are there, but the team may still need to time to wire things together & test

@Yimin_Chen can probably provide more insights

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We are aware of this requirement and we understand the pain of lack of this functionality. It is on the top of our internal priority list. I personally will start working on this area starting next sprint. But I cannot give you timeline on when this will be available.

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is this being actively worked at presently?

We have added the ability to promote local namespace to global namespace. It is merged in master: Promote local namespace to global namespace by yiminc · Pull Request #2105 · temporalio/temporal · GitHub

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Awsome, thanks a lot @Yimin_Chen