Identify activity signal from workflow handle information

Not entirely how to word this as I’m just getting acclimated to Temporal. But if I’m creating an application that will get status of a wrokflow(s) is there a way to know the signal that’s needed for an activity without hard coding information about that activity? So if a workflow has 8 activities I could say loop through the activities and every activity that awaited a signal would be given a button to trigger the appropriate signal?

Can you give a bit more info on use case? So given activities defined in a workflow you want to be able to dynamically generate signal handler for each one which when received would schedule invocation of this activity?

The signal would not necessarily apply to to each one. So maybe a few required a human interaction in a UI. So when an API thats interacting with temporal return info on the workflow is it possible to grab the activities and know that activty A, B and C require a signal and what that signal is.

After seeing this post:

It seems like combining start activity with its name is a possible solution. So when a workflow is started an external DB might have a list of activities that may or may not be included in the workflow, and they would be added by a list of names that the UI could also then use. IDK probably something better in there I just haven’t read about yet!!