Innacurate Query Results

I have the following issue. I want to query currently running or completed workflows in the last Minute. For this I use this query

"WorkflowType='SendMails' AND ((ExecutionTime >= '" + past + "' AND ExecutionStatus='Running') OR (CloseTime >= '" + past + "' AND ExecutionStatus='Completed')) AND Domain='" + domain + "'"

Here past is a string of the time one minute ago. Domain is a custom parameter, since I want to be able to differentiate over this parameter. The query is executed in the first activity of the workflow.

Now if I start a few workflows after each other, I have a delay of around 1 second. With that I mean, that if there is a delay of less than a second between starting the different workflows, the result is not accurate. For example only after the third execution has been started, the query result is empty. This is even the case for relatively large breaks between starting the workflows, like 500ms. Is there a way to fix this? I need an accurate way to find the amount of running or ended workflows in the last minute where Domain equals a certain parameter. Or is the cause of this the eventual consistency of temporal, so it is not possible?

Thanks in advance for any help.