Interact Temporal Workflow from User Interface


I am trying to implement Interaction from UI to retry in case of failure in a particular activity in the temporal workflow.

I am trying to use signal and continue as a new capability to enable this feature. Could anyone confirm this is the right approach?

I am currently facing an error with continuing as new. Below is the sample test code snippet.

const { activity1, activity2 } = proxyActivities<typeof activities>({
  startToCloseTimeout: '5 minute',
  retry: {
    // default retry policy if not specified
    initialInterval: '20s',
    backoffCoefficient: 1,
    maximumAttempts: 1,
    maximumInterval: 100 * 1000,
    nonRetryableErrorTypes: [],

export const userDecisionSignal = defineSignal<[string]>('userDecision');

export async function taskApprovalWorkflow(payload: any): Promise<string> {
  let userDecision = 'waiting'
  wf.setHandler(userDecisionSignal, (action) => {
    userDecision = action;
    await activity1(payload);
    await activity2(payload);
     if (await condition(() => (userDecision === 'retry'), '3600s')) {
      const continueAsNewOptions = {
        workflowType: "taskApprovalWorkflow",
        input: {
          "queryParams": {
            "workflowName": "test123",
            "subWorkflowName": "test",
            "capabilityName": "xyz",
            "requestType": "sync"
          "body": {
            "xyz": "xyz"
        "workflowId":  payload.workflowId
        workflowId: payload.workflowId 


I am throwing exceptions in activity1 intentionally to make the workflow wait till I get a signal from the UI. Once I get a signal wf.continueAsNew gets called, but on call of activity 1 throws an exception, it is not even going inside the activity.

Below is the error I see in workflow

  "stackTrace": "ContinueAsNew: Workflow continued as new\n    at /Users

You need to await continue as new, it returns a rejected promise. In your example you’re seeing an unhandled promise rejection failing the workflow task

hey, does continue as new executes all the previously executed task or just the failed activity will it execute and continue further?