Internal service error

run workflow error, the workflow status is Running

{"level":"error","ts":"2021-02-24T19:45:06.812+0800","msg":"Internal service error","service":"frontend","wf-namespace":"default","wf-id":"4c4c5a2f-45e0-45bc-a05c-cb18db7944b0","wf-run-id":"87b4ebcc-15a1-4f7d-8100-b9f513e7819f","error":"corrupted data, nodeID cannot decrease","logging-call-at":"workflowHandler.go:3429","stacktrace":"*loggerImpl).Error

What version of the Temporal service and what DB are you using? If it is below 1.6 and the DB is Cassandra there was a corruption bug recently patched/fixed.

this one seems different.
Could you provide the following info:

  1. which DB & version: Cassandra 3.11 / MySQL 5.7 / PostgreSQL 9.6
  2. If Cassandra, what is the replication factor?
  3. Server version

server version: 1.5.1
db: mysql

db user mysql

could you come to our slack channel? it will be easier to debug your case

yes, thanks

synced offline, seems that the DB being used is not vanilla MySQL v5.7, but one which claims to be compatible.

For debugging purpose:

  1. please make sure DB is initialized correctly (not imported from an backup)
  2. please also run the load against your own DB setup vs a vanilla MySQL v5.7 for comparison