Is it ok to use Temporal Schedule to run infinite repeat schedule jobs?

The new Schedule feature allows us to schedule workflow to run at interval of seconds, compared with the cron scheduler where only minute interval is supported.
My question is is it ok to use the Schedule feature to run workflow infinitely (i.e. without remaining actions) at second level? The reason is I notice there is a dedicated temporal-sys-schedule workflow (please refer to the attached screenshot) and the workflow has events, and I remember temporal workflow with long history events will have performance impact, that’s why cron scheduled job uses continueasnew to start a new scheduled workflow. Hence I have this question.

temporal-sys-scheduler-workflow Continue-As-News after 500 actions, so there is no performance concern with length of its history. It’s fine to create a Schedule that runs every second without limited actions.

If you have more than 10 actions per second across all Schedules on a Namespace, you’ll need to raise config limits (or open a ticket if you’re on Cloud). If you have more than 100 actions per second, it might be better to use a Cron Workflow (as overall, the way that’s implemented is more efficient).