Is there a way to deploy new workflow without changing the code and redeployment

Suppose I have a workflow definition deployed and running,
now a new tenant comes and we need to have a new workflow definition.

Is it possible to deploy it without code change ? If yes , what are the ways ?

Also , on the similar line , I was looking for something in java ,[dsl converter ]

is it available ?

Temporal provides powerful versioning capability that would allow you to support multiple versions of your workflow, see this video for more info for example: Move Fast WITHOUT Breaking Anything - Workflow Versioning with Temporal - YouTube
As far as deploying a new workflow, if you want to add it to your existing workers, you can register the workflow with your workers and restart them.

For the DSL sample for Java SDK, that is something we planning to add in the near future. Will be added here: GitHub - temporalio/samples-java: Temporal Java SDK samples