Java Grpc high latencies

Hello. I am currently experimenting with a Temporal deployment - self hosted in a cloud managed kubernetes cluster. I am using the Helm chart from Temporal repository with own dependecies.
Meaning I am only deploying the temporal components and use a managed Postgres instance for it to connect to.

I have some Java service in the same Kubernetes cluster that periodically executes some distributed cron jobs via Temporal. Very light scenarios, impossible to be performance issues.

For monitoring I am using an APM to monitor the whole K8s cluster and I recently noticed some strange metricc for the GRPC calls that the Java app does to communicate with Temporal.

I am seeing constant, latencies over 50 seconds, for operations such as: temporal.api.workflowservice.v1.WorkflowService/PollActivityTaskQueue

So I am not sure if it’s a problem or I am not reading something or understanding something correctly.
I also saw, no CPU, RAM pressure whatsoever for the pods, even on the DB i have on right now something as query insight. Nothing seems problematic.

Any insights on this one ? Thank you !

I am using Temporal 1.8.0.
And the cron jobs run at something like 2 min to a couple of hours depending on type.

can you check the network latency of the k8s cluster/nodes

There are also other operations which seems fine, so I would assume if network would be the issue, I would see more consistent latencies accross all operations.

This is by design. The worker processes receive tasks from Temporal service using long polling. PollActivityTaskQueue is one of those long poll operations.

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Thank you @maxim , yes indeed make sense now :slight_smile: