Java sdk upgrade compilation failure

hi iam trying to upgrade temporal java-sdk from 1.18.3 to 1.22.2
while doing so, i am not able to compile my application as it fails with below error

cannot access
[ERROR]   class file for$Builder not found

The application attempts to do WorkflowExecution.getRunId, getWorkflowId , and in those lines i see this error, any one else faced similar issue?

any hints, suggestions @maxim @tihomir

Hello @madhu

I am not able to reproduce this, can you provide a repro?

Also I don’t see 1.18.3 was published Releases · temporalio/sdk-java · GitHub , maybe I am missing something, sorry.

WorkflowExecution.getRunId, getWorkflowId works for me on 1.22.2

thank you,

I still get this issue,will check and get back if i can get a reproducible enviornmnet.

k, i think my pom.xml was over riding io.grpc version some where, once removed it started working fine.
Sorry for confusion.