Jest has detected the following 1 open handle potentially keeping Jest from exiting

Hi, im using Jest to test Temporal workflows/activities as wrote in the following doc:

Im getting the following error:

I guess because the worker is still runing or something like that, even if I’m using teardown() function afterAll tests…

Any idea?

This is a known issue. The root cause is a leaked resource in a third party library which we use to bridge between the TypeScript SDK itself and the SDK Core engine, written in Rust. We are currently working with that library’s team to resolve this issue.

In the mean time, you may safely ignore this warning.

Ok, thanks James.

Thanks for working on this.
Do you have a timeline for fixing this issue?

I’m also running into this issue as well, and looks like this issue is still open. Any progress on this?

There hasn’t been any progress on this yet.
We hope to find some time early 2024 to prioritize it.

In the meantime, we recommend using a different test runner.