Limit on number of signals

Is there a limit on the number of signals that can be passed to a workflow execution? Are there limitations at a namespace level? If yes, what are the limits and how do we bump them? What are the performance considerations we should be aware of when the number of signals passed to a workflow execution increases?

Signals are recorded in the workflow history, and a single workflow execution does have a limit of 50K events (see the " Is there a limit to how long Workflows can run?" section in docs here).
In the case where you expect a large number of signals sent to your workflow exec you should take this limit into account and use ContinueAsNew (sample here) after a pre-set number of received signals.

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Thanks for the reply. Are there any limitations at the namespace level, or at the workflow level?

There is not a limitation per namespace. You would need to test as a potentially very large amount of signals could affect your worker (and SDKs) latencies as they are trying to catching up handling them. Would make sure you have SDK and server metrics setup (to make it easier to pinpoint issues) and take a look at this worker tuning guide.