List all taskQueues in a Namespace

Without parsing the historic data in all workflows and activities for a given namespace, can we get a list of all the taskQueues that have recently executed and/or have pending tasks?

We are supporting a number of teams in our org who are onboarding to Temporal, and the scenario involves them creating a number of taskQueues. As a central orchestration & support team, we’d like to be able to provide visual feedback that their workers are connected to their queues using the existing DescribeTaskQueue api, but without the ability to list Queues (generated by their code which we don’t control), we’re limited to some well known shared queues. If we could list all of the queues, then we have targets for the DescribeTaskQueue api, and can help our teams troubleshoot connectivity problems. You may find this useful in the cloud offering as well?

currently you cannot. there is no exposed API which show all task queues for a namespace.

created an issue for tracking: Ability to get all task queues per namespace · Issue #1797 · temporalio/temporal · GitHub