List namespaces


I am trying to filter the way namespaces are listed after authentication. Since the authorization code is present in “ui-server” I wish to do the filtering also there.

In UI 2.0,
“src\routes__layout-root.svelte” has a function ‘fetchNamespaces’ which gets the namespaces from “api/v1/namespaces”,

Could you please point out the location in “ui-server” code where this endpoint is being implemented and I can filter the result.

ui-server is a proxy for the grpc API. Not sure where you would intercept & modify the request. Also note that the ListNamespaces grpc method doesn’t take a filter string:

Are there any plans on adding a filtering ability for namespaces? It would be really helpful for large scale implementations.

Not that I know of, but you can follow along or describe your use case here: Add List Filter query param to ListNamespacesRequest · Issue #3212 · temporalio/temporal · GitHub