Marshalling issue when using signals

I have a workflow which supports signals. Whenever I trigger the signals, the signal gets registered with the workflow but I also end up getting the following error message and wanted to get some advice on how to trouble shoot this. It still works, but not not sure whats up with the error

ERROR: [core] [Server #8] grpc: server failed to encode response: rpc error: code = Internal desc = grpc: error while marshaling: proto: Marshal called with nil

The way I setup the selector is pretty straightforward

selector := workflow.NewSelector(ctx)
selector.AddReceive(tw.GetSignalChannel(ctx, "Signal"), func(c workflow.ReceiveChannel, more bool) 
     c.Receive(ctx, nil)

The way I trigger it is

err = wfClient.SignalWorkflow(ctx, request.GetWorkflowId(), "", "Signal", nil)

I don’t know what I’m marshaling here since i’m not passing any objects to the signal.

Any advice appreciated?

Whats the Go SDK version you are using?

There’s not a need to use Selector when receiving from a single channel,
You could do

sc := tw.GetSignalChannel(ctx, "Signal")
sc.Receive(ctx, nil) // in loop if needed


Can you give that a try and see if you run into same issue?