Master Clusters

In the case of multiple clusters among which any given global namespace can be supported, there is the concept of a “master cluster”. The master cluster is documented as the one cluster through which global namespaces can be modified within the set of clusters. I have a few questions about this cluster attribute:

  1. Among a set of clusters there is only one master but can that role move dynamically around the set of clusters?
  2. Can a given cluster belong in more than one set of clusters? In other words if A,B, & C are in the set and C is the master cluster, can “C” participate in another set (say C, D, E) as a non-master cluster?
  3. When clusters are configured, they need list all the other clusters with which they can share a global namespace. However, that configuration appears to not be automatically bi-directional. Is that true? What happens if cluster A’s configuration mentions B but B does not mention A in its configuration?