MDC values not present for Local Activities


With reference to this post Workflow query error in 1.5.1 - #5 by maxim

WorkflowId and other LoggerTags are not set for LocalActivities. However, WorkflowId and other tags are present for normal Activity.

I am aware of ActivityInfo which gives these values, but from logging perspective (fish tagging), it is preferable to have these set in MDC.
Is there any way to get these MDC values for LocalActivities?

update: ContextPropagator for LocalActivity also does not work.

@maxim Please suggest

Did anyone get a chance to look at this?

I believe it was fixed.

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@maxim checked with 1.0.9 java-sdk. The issue still persists.

Local activities does not have WorkflowId propagated from Workflow.

This section from ActivityWorker is not present in LocalActivityWorker handle method

Would you file an issue to get this looked at?

sure @maxim .

Filed an issue here
Also filed another one here related to LocalActivityOptions and ContextPropagators

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