Minimal guide for temporal HA deployment

Hi, I am trying to use temporal to manage ~300 batch jobs.
If it’s successful I’ll will expand. But I want to start simple.

I’m trying to use it in production so I need minimal backup / HA plan for my deployment.
I know kubernetes, but I just want to keep it simple and trying to use docker-compose, unless kubernetes deployment is stable enough.
My company have DB engineer, and they provide some kind of managed postgres db. So I’m trying to use it. But we don’t have ES service to use.

I am trying to deploy it with two server. One main, one standby. I don’t need zero downtime I just need some quick recover with standby. Can I just use two server with docker-compose except postgres?

And I want to know exactly what component in termporal deployment is stateless and not. And is ES essential in this small scale? And does it require HA?

Hello, I also have the same question. Do you have got any solution for now?