Multi-Cluster workers receiving tasks in passive cluster

I’m running a multi-cluster setup across 2 (GCP) regions. Both have a pool of workers pointing at their local temporal cluster. I was surprised to find that workers connecting to the passive cluster are picking up tasks. Per another thread, I was under the impression this would not happen (our desired behavior).

I wanted to check if my understanding is correct - should workers connected to the passive cluster be receiving tasks? If so, any ideas what might be causing this to happen?

Here’s what our multi-cluster config looks like:

  policy: "all-apis-forwarding"
  enableGlobalNamespace: true
  failoverVersionIncrement: 10
  masterClusterName: "usc1"
      enabled: true
      initialFailoverVersion: 1
      rpcAddress: "temporal-frontend.usc1.staging.tock:7233"
      enabled: true
      initialFailoverVersion: 2
      rpcAddress: "temporal-frontend.usw1.staging.tock:7233"

Per tctl output, both clusters seem to agree that usc1 is the active cluster (we are only using the default namespace):

$ tctl namespace describe
creating config dir: /.config/temporalio
creating config dir: /.config/temporalio
Name: default
Id: a235aa5a-7052-4792-93cc-b45b7d9d195c
NamespaceData: map[string]string(nil)
State: Registered
Retention: 720h0m0s
ActiveClusterName: usc1
Clusters: usc1, usw1
HistoryArchivalState: Enabled
IsGlobalNamespace: true

It looks like this was just a configuration issue. Changing the dcRedirectionPolicy from all-apis-forwarding to selected-apis-forwarding resolved it.