Multicast/ Topic like usecase

Hi i use temporal for a subscription managment system, when a subscription for product happens, i need to propagte the event to multiple systems (say 100) in number.
Since many of my subscription workflows run on temporal, i am thinking of using temporal for the same.

My need the message to be delivered at least once to each listner, and possibly store the message if listener is not available and deliver it when the come online.

(a typical sns +sqs kind of use case).

Do you think it will be beneficial to spawn mutilple child workflows to propogate these events, or will it be simple to use sqs/sns?

That should work. Depending on the rate you might do certain optimizations. For example execute multiple notifications from a single activity or even use local activities.

What is the intended notification rate?

not too many should be less than 200 notifications in an hour or so, peak it may go upto 1000 notification an hour, and may not exceed 50 notification per second.

Then I think Temporal is a good fit. For 50 notifications * 100 per second I would recommend batching them up and sending multiple notifications from a single activity.