Multiple Availability Zone Elasticsearch Domain

Are there any issues with using a multi-AZ Elasticsearch domain for visibility?

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Hi Ryan,

We have done some preliminary testing with a Production-ready Amazon ES Domain (in our specific case, across 3 multiple-zones) and conducted a long-running test for 4 days, inserting roughly 50,000,000 documents via Temporal’s enhanced visibility. We did not run into any issues with ElasticSearch. For reference, we ran the test with 3 dedicated master nodes (small compute instances) and 3 x i3.xlarge data nodes.

Please note that if you are using the visibility index template that is in the Temporal Repo, that:
1) You will want to calculate the correct number of shards based on your use-case (we ran our test with 5 shards, which is the default value in our index_template file)
2) Our index_template is configured for 0 secondary replicas. You probably want at least 1 secondary replica (and with our test scenario, we ran with two 2 secondary replicas).

We have to caveat the above as a successful 4-day run is NOT the same as having a live, long-running production deployment and is not an official recommendation / endorsement of a proper AWS ES Domain production-deployment, but again, no obvious issues.