Multiple cluster metadata does not work in version 1.14.0

hi i am trying to setup a new temporal xdc cluster on 1.14.0 and since its 1.14+ i tried the configuration Multi-cluster Replication | Temporal Documentation
how ever the frontent.history.matching and worker fails to come up with below error

2022/01/17 13:06:22 Loading config; env=docker,zone=,configDir=config
2022/01/17 13:06:22 Loading config files=[config/docker.yaml]
Unable to load configuration: config file corrupted: yaml: unmarshal errors:
  line 112: mapping key "clusterMetadata" already defined at line 102.

old configuration however comes up. any suggestions if iam missing something?

Could you paste the application config? It seems like the clusterMetadata field is duplicated define in the application config.