My workflow activity does not get executed immediately although i see the logs like executing activity

i see the below logs but my activity never gets executed . i am using the temporal cron workflow which spawns the child workflows which in-turn executes the activities .

Executing myactivity Activity for the Namespace default TaskQueue WorkerID 9@chart-site-onboarding-service-79458dc7b7-fgqgg@ WorkflowType WorkflowID cda56aa9-8b39-4c91-9fec-8ccd13b15dd3_5 RunID 1d472fa5-6eee-45ce-9385-91e5512fb6ed Attempt 1

Could you show your workflow history for this exec?
You can get it via tctl:

tctl wf show -w <wfid> -r <runid> --output_filename history.json