Namespace rate limit exceeded for different acticities

Hi, is frontend.namespaceRPS setting about limit workflows? while I use the same setting and submit same workflows/second. It running normally when I have 1 activity per workflow. but triggered ‘namespace rate limit exceeded’ when I got 3 activities per workflow. Is frontend.namespaceRPS also limited activities count?
Also.I set frontend.namespaceRPS as 500. but when I submit 50 workflows per second. It triggered ‘namespace rate limit exceeded’. which is far away from setting numbers. Could you help explain the relationship between namespaceRPS and started workflow count per second? Thanks

here’s my configuration.

  - value: 1000
  - value: 500
      namespace: "test-1"


Rate limit of api calls (per namespace per frontend)

when I submit 50 workflows per second…

Can you show resource exhausted metric:

sum(rate(service_errors_resource_exhausted{}[1m])) by (operation, resource_exhausted_cause)

would give you more idea on which api you are getting rate limited.

Often you also need to increase

frontend.namespaceBurst (default 4800 in OSS)

which is the per namespace, per frontend burst limit

For rate limiting, you can think of Burst as the bucket size (num of tokens) and RPS rate is how fast the bucket is filled.
An API can go through only as long as there is a token in the bucket.