Non Docker Temporal setup with different service instances


I am using Temporal 19.0 version and am able to set up a non-docker mode of temporal in Ubuntu environment using postgres as database. However, my requirement is to run different service instances separately, i.e. separate instances for history, matching, worker and frontend services. How can I enable the settings to run temporal so that only one service run at a time and how each service in such setup connects with each other?

@oisheep have you checked command line options you can pass to the temporal server binary? When I was browsing the code some time ago, there was a way to specify which specific services a given temporal process supposed to run :eyes:

This might be relevant: temporal/cmd/server/main.go at main · temporalio/temporal · GitHub

Thanks @deteam for your reply. In fact I am able to segregate and run different temporal services as you mentioned - by passing command line arguments. We need to set the required value in the --service argument and it worked. Thanks for your response.