Not able to integrate sso with new temporal ui

@madhu prioritize the auth issue right?

if so it’s already released, there is a TEMPORAL_SESSION_STORE_PATH docker env setting now. Try setting it to for example .tmp and let me know if this helps ui-server/config_template.yaml at b755cf777cb8027f74f73fc6b6724a50ae075743 · temporalio/ui-server · GitHub

Sure @Ruslan thanks much,let me try this and update you.

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just an fyi
setting this variable will switch the UI to a filesystem storage instead of cookie storage, which increases the cookie size limit

I fid a quick test with cookie storage and latest ui ,unfortunately i still see the same.login issue. Let me dive deep and confirm.

ok ,my call back url was configred as mydomain/ previously with legacy web ui.
i had to change the call back url to mydomain/auth/sso/callback

i am able to integrate with keycloak now… Thanks for the help @Ruslan and all the insights @sumesh_kanayi

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Hi Madhu,

How did you set these environment variables in the helm? when I am passing the commands like below its not honoring

Sample command:
“helm upgrade temporalv13 -f values.yaml -f values/values.cassandrapocv2dev.yaml --set server.replicaCount=5 --set TEMPORAL_AUTH_ENABLED=true – SET ALL PROPERTIES as per your comment . --timeout 900s -n telos-poc”