New temporal UI in login loop

Hi I am running Release v0.14.1 · temporalio/ui-server · GitHub

and it always goes in to login loop
I can see that auth0 is completing the token exchange successfully but temporal always loops in asking me to login again

Any hint on how i can troubleshoot further
config files looks like below

enableUi: true
port: 80
temporalGrpcAddress: frontend:7233
enableOpenApi: false
refreshInterval: 1m
defaultNamespace: default
showTemporalSystemNamespace: false
notifyOnNewVersion: true
  enabled: true
    - label: auth0 # for internal use; in future may expose as button text
      type: oidc # for futureproofing; only oidc is supported today
      clientId: bVpSKUwX135DW6ktfKWqOKaQ1cpAHJf0
      clientSecret: secret
        - openid
        - profile
        - email
      callbackUrl: http://localhost:8080/auth/sso/callback
      passIdToken: false

  caFile: /etc/temporal/certs/ca.crt
  certFile: /etc/temporal/certs/pcert.crt
  keyFile: /etc/temporal/certs/pkey.key
  enableHostVerification: false
  serverName: frontend
  passAccessToken: true

tagging @Ruslan

are there any errors in your browser’s Developer Tools console?

It may navigate back to login page when API requests do not succeed with authentication or authorization errors. I would also verify that your account has enough authorization permissions

I dont see any errors in my browser developer console. And auth0 log all looks good as well . I am trying with my test auth0 account i am the only user and seems like i have full access on auth0 :frowning: