Observation in cron workflow


This is what I observed when checking a cron workflow:

  1. “0 1 */30 * *” I was testing the sample cron with the following expression, my expectation was the workflow will be executed once every 30 days. So the test case I wrote was, If i run this workflow for 90 days, the workflow should have been triggered 3 times, But it was being triggered 6 times.
  2. Did a test on activity retry for the same cron expression. In 90 days, the expected number of times the activity being called is 6 * number of times the activity throws error, but it was 6, which means activity was not being retried.

Please help out on this

What SDK are you using?
Are you using unit testing framework when counting number of invocations?

I’m using the Java SDK, the temporal-testing dependency. When I tested it on periodic workflow it worked as expected, but seeing this issue in Cron.

I’m not clear on what you mean by : Counting number of invocations

Would you file an issue against the Java SDK to get this looked at?

Ok Will do that