OS network interfaces in temporal

We have a scenario where we are passing proxy details(http options)along with region while initializing AWS Dynamo db. We are setting the proxy based on return value of os.networkInterfaces() method. How to set or get the network interfaces in temporal?

Could you please elaborate what you’re trying to achieve, and in what context?

I’m not sure I follow the question.
If you’re asking how to pass options to an activity, look at the activity dependency injection sample.

Hi bergundy,
I have a scenario like where I have to store the data in to Dynamo db and access that data whenever it is applicable.
For that we are creating Dynamo db object like below.

const AWS = require(‘aws-sdk’);
const Dynamodb= new AWS.DynamoDB({ region: process.env.AWS_REGION, httpoptions:{ agent : process.env.HTTP_PROXY})

I have attached one screenshot shot how we are setting proxy value. Could you please check let us know how we can achieve this in temporal.

Follow the sample I linked in the previous response. Dynamodb should be injected into your activity implementation on worker creation.