Pass data between two workers

Hi team, I have run into a problem . Our service has used same temporal in two different clusters(Cluster A and Cluster B), the service registered different worker in separate cluster. Now we want to extract some data from Cluster A and pass the data to Cluster B. How can I achieve this with Temporal. I have come up with some possible method, but not certain if it’s supported by Temporal.

  1. Assume that temporal can pass data between two different workers.
  2. Assume that Cluster A can pass the data to Temporal’s database, and the Cluster B’s workflow read it

Do you configure multi-cluster replication for A, B or are they independent (and have separate persistence)?
What’s the data that needs to be replicated?

Cluster A and B use separate storage, but they use same temporal instance. We want B to extract some metrics data from A, because we can’t not directly view A due to priviledge concern