Ports difference between docker and helm chart


I am reading the code of temporal dockerfile where code expose 8 ports
EXPOSE 6933 6934 6935 6939 7233 7234 7235 7239
But comparing with helm chart example, I wonder how are ports 7934 and 7935 is accessed given docker image did not expose it.


temporaltest-admintools ClusterIP 22/TCP 15m
temporaltest-frontend-headless ClusterIP None 7233/TCP,9090/TCP 15m
temporaltest-history-headless ClusterIP None 7934/TCP,9090/TCP 15m
temporaltest-matching-headless ClusterIP None 7935/TCP,9090/TCP 15m
temporaltest-worker-headless ClusterIP None 7239/TCP,9090/TCP

what are some scenarios we need to use ssh with port 22. I wonder if I can do that from local tctl tool instead of exposing port 22?

7934 and 7935 in helm-charts README are the typos. I fixed it, thanks for reporting.

As for port 22, I guess intend was to allow to ssh to admin tools container and run some commands. Temporal itself doesn’t use it. Remember, our helm-charts are not production ready, and you need carefully review them if you want to use them in production.

Is that admin tool containers have cmd tools like temporal-sql-tool to setup db schemas? Can you point me to db tool dir?