Possible to support ScyllaDB?


Got 2 qn,

  1. Is it possible to provide support for scylladb? its similar to cassandra.
  2. as scylladb also support cql, is it possible for temporal to allow lower cql version? (currently temporal using cql version 3.4.4 but scylla db officially support 3.3.1)
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  1. Scylla is actually not just similar, it is Cassandra and should be compatible at the underlying protocol layer. That being said I don’t know of any direct examples of people using Scylla with us.
  2. That I’m not sure of, but sounds doubtful. Let me add someone who can answer. @alex

This was being previously tracked in Cadence issues here - It seems some in the community have had luck running against Scylla and circumventing the cqlversion check in start.sh, however we do not certify Scylla currently and have not done testing on our side.

At a glance, there are several features added between 3.3.1 and 3.4.4 and its possible we take advantage of these some where (needs more investigation). See - https://cassandra.apache.org/doc/latest/cql/changes.html

Hello @ryland and Temporal Team,
have you receive feedbacks from the community using ScyllaDB?
We would like to give it a try but as @shawn said, Temporal may use latest CQL feature not being supported by ScyllaDB (as per Scylladb website they only support CQL 3.4.0).
By chance, is there any plan/reflection to support it officialy in the future? Even if Scylladb is compatible today, without official support by Temporal team, we may have some trouble 1 day.

We are using ScyllaDB on production and it works like a charm.
Would be good to support Scylla’s golang driver though GitHub - scylladb/gocql: Package gocql implements a fast and robust Cassandra client for the Go programming language.

I’m very interested in using ScyllaDB as well. Are you able to share which version of Scylla that you are presently using?