Prebuilt schema tool (for mac)

I’m looking to run the sql-schema-tool (to update Postgres database). I’m having trouble building from source and a blocked on updating my Go to 1.15. Are there any prebuilt packages/binaries I could use?

try temporalio/admin-tools:1.4.1

within this docker you can find the temporal-sql-tool

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Thank you, that resolves that I think

Did have some oddities with the flags:

I had to do
./temporal-sql-tool --plugin postgres --db temporal create --db temporal

or else it would complain about the db flag not being specified

but for setup-schema I had to not provide it the second time:

./temporal-sql-tool --plugin postgres --db temporal setup-schema -v 0.0

How do I get the schema to run:

The suggestion is:

./temporal-sql-tool --ep $SQL_HOST_ADDR -p $port --plugin mysql --db temporal update-schema -d ./schema/mysql/v57/temporal/versioned

but the docker image has no ./schema/mysql/v57/temporal/versioned

I assume I need this directory. Do I have to replicate it in the docker image?

looks like a good old docker cp does what I need

about the sql command, plz reference this link:

about the schema dir: you can find it here:

thanks for the help, I was able to get it working.