Q1 Temporal announcement (02/16)

We are planning to announce some big news tomorrow! As Temporal is a product defined by its community, we would love to share the experience tomorrow with all of you. To make this a reality, we are planning a unique meetup tomorrow at noon (PST) which will be livestreamed. During the stream we will be announcing some additional product updates which should be very exciting. Nothing would make us happier than to have our community with us when we celebrate the future of Temporal. Any questions related to this announcement can be directed to swyx@temporal.io or myself (ryland@temporal.io).

Here is the registration link: Webinar Registration - Zoom

We will also be leveraging our news as a way to build more awareness about Temporal and would sincerely appreciate support with that. On that note, I’ve created a Slack channel (link here) which will be used as a central sharing point for all announcement related updates. We genuinely appreciate all the support and are so happy to be on such a crazy journey with this amazing community.