Questions on temporal basic setup

Hi all experts,

I recently started learning about temporal and workflows.
I learnt that temporal uses external database(MySQL,postgreesql, Cassandra) to store it’s state(please correct me if i am wrong).

So my question is, this external database configuration is onus on developer or it will be part of temporal clusters?

Please help me to find the answer of this question

temporal uses external database(MySQL,postgreesql, Cassandra)

Yes current support for persistence is Cassandra, MySQL and PostgreSQL for primary store and visibility.
Temporal also supports advanced visibility which is backed by Elasticsearch.

You have to stand up your persistence stores (some users self-deploy it on-prem, others may use existing cloud solution, same with ES) and then establish connections via Temporal static config.

Temporal does provide persistence and visibility schemas which you have to apply to your stores before standing up service cluster. You also have db tools that can use to apply those schemas. See for example script that auto-setup server image uses to do this part.

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Can we use external mongo db for persistence for workflows

To my knowledge not currently.

Ok thanks for the prompt response, if i want to use my customized db let’s say oracle db how I can connect with temporal server

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