Reactive Java Application with Temporal IO

Hi, I’m trying to develop a Workflow with some activities using Spring Reactive Webflux client.

I have messages like

io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED: grpc: received message larger than max (31033362 vs. 4194304)

or Jackson Error when the activity consume Flux (maybe DataConverters should works I think)

¿What is the best aproach to handle Workflows using Spring reactive?
Thanks in advance

Currently max limit on incoming messages to temporal frontend is 4MB. A single blob which translates to one activity input or one return value, etc) is limited to 2MB.

The error you are getting means that you are trying to send a gRPC message (via client call for example) that exceeds the 4mb limit.

For the reactive question, for activities they are remote procedure calls where workflows and activities can in cases reside on completely different machines. Activity arguments and results need to be serialized and trying to pass a stream would result in errors.

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