Reason for deprecation of declarations of configuration in WorkflowMethod, ActivityMethod annotations

I am converting code from Cadence to work with Temporal. There are a few changes in Types that I would like to better understand to get a sense of the engineering mindset of Temporal. I intend to ask question on these forums, as asking on Slack is ephemeral.

It appears that the Annotations WorkflowMethod, ActivityMethod no longer support configuration of properties such as: scheduleToCloseTimeoutSeconds,taskList=TASK_LIST,executionStartToCloseTimeoutSeconds = 180.

What is the reason for this?

EDIT: After reviewing the current implementation, I fail to see the advantage of removing the availability of method specific configuration at declaration with the use of these Annotations (specifically, now the samples are showing configuration of the entire Activity with ctivityOptions.newBuilder().setScheduleToCloseTimeout(Duration.ofSeconds(10)).build());, as opposed to specific methods). It would appear that one needs to now create wrapping entities to facilitate the functionality or reimplement the functionality in external annotations, if this is not re-added. Not something I mind doing, but I don’t yet understand the reasoning to remove this at this time.

Relevant commit:

I believe that timeouts belong in configuration, not in annotations.

We haven’t implemented it yet, but through recently introduced workflow interceptors it should be possible to move all the activity configuration into external configuration files.

I disagree. Splitting configuration into external config files when Temporal Client SDKs have value in writing implementation entirely in code isn’t my preference. The most convenient way to specify these properties is with Annotations at Class declaration.

Runtime external configuration should be implemented as a wrapper of the compiled declarations.

Hopefully, configuration of said properties will be available.