Reasonable values for task pollers


Sometimes we face in our production environment the issue “Cannot locate Activity ScheduleID” when it is quite busy and we tried to fix it by increasing the value of MaxConcurrentWorkflowTaskPollers and MaxConcurrentActivityTaskPollers. It helped us but will be great to understand why it comes.

How to choose reasonable values for MaxConcurrentWorkflowTaskPollers and MaxConcurrentActivityTaskPollers and how they actually affect temporal, please give us more information, text in documentation is not enough to understand it completely.

I don’t think *MaxConcurrentActivityTaskPollers is related to this error. I believe you see it due to activity timeouts. When an activity takes longer to complete than its StartToClose timeout the call to the service with the activity result is rejected with this message.

Thank you for your answer but could you also give more information about MaxConcurrentWorkflowTaskPollers and MaxConcurrentActivityTaskPollers? How to find a reasonable value for them?

We don’t have a specific heuristic for them yet. Try playing with different values. I would start from 10.